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Yes you can upgrade your pets membership at any time.Mortgage Services

No we do not require you to have pet insurance, but we would recommend that your pet is insured with a minimal cover in place if you are going on holiday. we will soon be introducing our own pay-as-you-go pet holiday travel insurance cover in Spring 2023.ex ea commodo consequat.

When you take out a new membership we will ask you for your current pets presiding veterinary details. We will with your consent request your pet’s veterinary medical records and upload this into your own secure pet profile porthole. 

In the event of any accident we can relate this important medical history within seconds to the emergency services and Pet Aid 24hr vet who will require this history to triage and treat your pet if your pet is injured in the reported vehicle accident.

If you are going on holiday with your pet out of the region of your current presiding vet, we will inform you of the nearest vet surgery should your pet need urgent medcial treatment. Your membership comes with PET Aid 24hr telephone veterinary help line who can offer advice and triage of any concerns you may have whilst traveling with your companion pet or just offer advice on any other concerns you have even if you are not traveling with your pet at that time.

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